All About Prayer Groups


People who are committed to praying together are the ones needed in prayer groups. These groups invite and at the same time, encourages others to share their prayer needs and given that they are a group, they offer prayers of thanksgiving, praise and petition to God. It is a safe place for all those who wish to share their heartaches, joys and concerns.

You might be puzzled on how you could start a prayer group. Well whether you believe it or not, there are steps that can help you to make it work.

Number 1. Look for Global Prayer Ministry and ask if they would like to join praying with you on a regular basis. If you are having a hard time inviting other people to join you, then this is something that you must not feel discouraged about. Rather, you should pray to God to help you find someone. After all, just finding a couple of people and you can start up with your prayer group.

Number 2. Say that you found some people who would join the prayer with you, pray that your group will keep growing. Try to find a suitable spot to meet like for example, meeting outside in the park, meeting in each other’s house, finding a spare room in office during lunch hour and so forth.

Number 3. You have to be committed in meeting at certain times of week, monthly, fortnightly or whatever that is fitting to your schedule. If you want to bring your prayer group in front of other people’s attention, you better work on its advertising. You may put a notice in schools or church newsletters and bulletins or in the community notice boards.

As for the prayer leaders, there are tips to be considered as well to be able to make the prayer meeting successful such as:

Tip number 1. You have to encourage your group to support each other. The care that’s given to each is a powerful witness to everyone around you.

Tip number 2. Keep a book together with the telephone numbers, names and addresses of your group.

Tip number 3. You should also keep another books on prayer with the record of things that you have prayed for and work out on venues, dates and times of meetings at least 6 months ahead and give everyone a copy.

Tip number 4. Say that you are praying for a specific institution like local school or business, set a meeting with the right people and make efforts to convey your concerns for pressures that people face today, your willingness to pray for their specific needs and also the formation of the prayer group.


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