Teaching On Prayer


Prayer is the most important part of our communication that involves you and God. Prayer was there since the beginning of the age, and it has been there, helpful as it was during ancient ages. Throughout the history of human beings, people have always desired to know their Creator and communicate with Him. Though there are people who may try to discount prayer, it is still common to date, and it is practiced by everybody who believes that God lives and listen to people’s supplications and thanksgiving. People will always have different ideas and opinions about prayer and how to do it in a way that pleases God. One way is true and important to be noted that the prayer of God’s children is acceptable to Him.

These God’s children are those who have drawn near to Him in various ways. Salvation is by faith, and it is the belief in the Son of God. This salvation is the only way we find the opportunity to communicate to God. When someone is saved after accepting The Son of God, that person has been made a child of God and God will then open a good relationship between Him and the man who has been saved. He will then become interested in the life of the man, and anytime the man wants to communicate to Him in prayer, He will be heard.

Everybody should first understand that it is a communication between God’s children and our Father in heaven. To always live a good life, you should establish the best relationship with God. This includes being obedient to Him and His word. Reading the Bible always to understand various things you should do as an obedient child of God is important. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and can do wonders, {James 5: 16). Being first a child of God is the key.

You should also have the faith of The Lord and Messiah who is the Son of God. This same faith is important when you pray.  It is the belief that He died for you to be saved and intervenes for you before God. This same faith will make your prayer strong since you will believe that you have received what you are praying for. Without the faith, your prayer will be in vain.

You should also acknowledge your sins before God and in humility. Humility is presenting yourself before Him without pride even if you have been saved. You should also ensure that there is no disruption in your place of prayer resources.

You should lock yourself in your room or any place and kneel down and pray.  Ensure that you make prayers part of your life, praying daily and persistently.

There are several books that have been written about prayer. You should research online and consult a local area preacher who can elaborate to you various things about fasting and prayer.


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