What You Should Know about Evangelical Christian Prayer Ministry


Prayer is essential to the life of a Christian. It enables us to be close to God and unleash His mighty power in all parts of our life. Praying opens Christians to the divine energy responsible for creating and sustaining the cosmos. When you pray, you direct that energy to other energy maps that include situations, circumstances, events, and persons.

The Evangelical Christian Prayer Ministry is an organization that intends to enable Christians to experience a deeper relationship with God through prayer and helps them become more effective in Christianity.

The main objective of the Christian prayer ministry is to actively promote and encourage prayer within the life of the church. The ministry does this through being open and responsive to the working of the Holy Spirit. The goal of prayer ministries is not to do all the praying for the church but to equip, encourage, and enable Christians to pray continually and effectively while making prayer a part of everything they do. These ministries can comprise of many different teams and groups of prayer warriors such as online prayer groups, prayer and fasting groups, national prayer teams,

Prayer is a significant component of this global prayer ministry and it always encourages participation. If you wish to be part of the prayer team or have a prayer request, you can contact the ministry’s office via email or phone. Also, in order for the prayer ministry to effectively pray for the church and the needs of the community, it utilizes a variety of tools to gather prayer requests and give people options for how they share their needs. These include a designated 24-hour prayer line, a prayer request email, and prayer request cards among other tools.

Other roles of this ministry to provide different teachings on prayer for Christians from all across the world. Additionally, it offers several prayer resources such as books on prayer, online prayer guides, and other prayer resources to help Christians strengthen and enrich their prayer lives.  The resources can feature several prayers that may include prayers for emergencies, prayers for issues in the news, prayers for personal issues and situations, prayers to tie in with every week’s lectionary reading, as well as prayers and guides for prayer and fasting groups among others.

While prayer is the most powerful tool at our disposal, for many Christians, this great resource often goes untapped and is mostly overlooked. Learning how to pray effectively can literally transform your life. The Christian prayer ministry provides an excellent opportunity for learning how to pray effectively.


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